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Entry Fees

We try our best to make pageant weekend as fun and as affordable as possible. In efforts to book venues and provide prizes, we have to charge an entry fee to cover cost of pageant weekend. Entry Fee includes all required portions of competition, PJ Party, Contestants Welcome Bag and T-Shirt. We do not provide refunds under any circumstances.

Payment Methods/ Schedule

$50 due immediately to reserve your spot and receive pageant handbook

$100 due within 3 weeks of signing up

Final balance due within 4 weeks of the state competition.

Due to the need to purchase contestant swag bags and order meals, we will not accept late entries/payments

Please reach out to me via email for additional payment methods and payment plans.

Paypal/Venmo must select sending money to family/friends option or additional fees may be charged

There are absolutely no refunds. Balance can be rolled over to a new contestant/friend or to next pageant year in special circumstances

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